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Syarah Fatiyya Fany


Home wasn’t a set house, or a single town on a map. It was wherever the people who loved you were, whenever you were together. Not a place, but a moment, and then another, building on each other like bricks to create a solid shelter that you take with you for your entire life, wherever you may go. – Sarah Dessen.

Just like Sarah Dessen said about home. Whenever I land my toe in Mercu Buana University Student Choir room, i feel so homy. Mercu Buana University Choir is my second family. A place beside my real home where I can learn anything, every single precious moment that I  have, and I wouldn’t exchange it for anything, even if it’s for a whole year trip around the world with One Direction! (Or maybe i will think about it later :p)

My name is Syarah Fatiyya Fany by the way. Or you can just call me by Sarah. I am now still taking my 7th semester at Mercu Buana University majoring Public Relations. And my campus life wouldn’t be as great as now if 3 years ago I didn’t join the audition of Mercu Buana University Student Choir.

It all started when I was attending the  Orientation week at campus. I remembered it was the last day of orientation and the whole day was filled with the demonstration of every student activities that exists in campus. And Choir was the last club to perform on that day. Back to the days before, I was always like to sing but I didn’t have enough courage to take my hobby one step further. I wasn’t a people person and I only like to sing in a bathroom. Or my room. And the performance changed all my perception. And my courage. So I decided to take an audition for it.

Well, “the Mighty and Great Fortuna” was still on my side. I got my golden ticket and passed the audition with also another 32 students from a different major to become a new member of the Choir. And then all of my superb adventure has begun. Some training weeks for vocal techniques, how to read music sheets properly, how to behave when you join the organization, all the stuff are so useful and it opened my mind. Then a pre-inauguration, a full day to test our ability and our knowledge so far after a training week in a fun way. Month by month we learned to reached our first gig Choirmorphosis, the class of 2010 concert. It’s our dedication, our proof to the coach and parents, and campus that we indeed took the whole lesson seriously and we can give them something beautiful to enjoy. And by passing the concert, it meant that all newbies are officially belonged to UMB Choir.

Another good moment was when we were joining the competition at University of Indonesia (It was the 5th NFF FEUI). It was very challenging because it was the very first time I join some choir competition. And it brought a fantastic result. We won as the 1st winner of the competition that time! It was crazy cool, wasn’t it?

And the coolness wasn’t just stop there. In 2011,  when I was entering my 3rd semester, my coach, Mr. Agus Yuwono (we usually called him by Mas Nyonyon) was given me the opportunity to join the choir to go to Vietnam, became representatives of Indonesia in the framework of joint venture between Indonesia-Vietnam. Another good first, it was the very first time I went abroad. The very first time I got my passport. You can say that my first is a huge first. J

It was also the first time I know Mr. Arissetyanto Nugroho, the Rector of Mercu Buana University personally. He is always a very good person to know until now. He is such a gentle and caring man, a positive figure who always being supportive with UMB Choir whenever and wherever we go, whatever we do. Massive thanks for you, Mr. Aris Fashionista. And one week trip to Vietnam with UMB Choir closed my freshmen year greatly.

Entering my sophomore year, UMB Choir was more focused with joining more competitions so that UMB Choir will always exist and transform to a better way in choir environment. We did bring some new Champion Cups to display at our lovely room. (5th Place on National Choir Competition at Tarumanegara University, 1st Place on LPS USM National Choir Competition.)

Then it comes the day that we took one giant leap to face. We decided to live out of our comfort zone. We tried to take something new and it was joining some International Choir Competition. Guangzhou Open International Choir Competition was chosen to be our battlefield. It was a very brave choice for us and we got hesitated a few times but our coach said that we have to go. We have to take this. With the spirit of Mas Nyonyon and the support of Mr. Aris, Mas Nyonyon guided and directed us to be fully prepared to face the competition. A struggling, depression that we had during the process brought us to an overwhelming result. We got the 1st winner of the category (both for folklore and mixed choir category) and we went to the Prize round, the very 1st Xinghai Prize International Choir Competition. We also got Golden Nomination for Mixed Category and A Classy Platinum Nomination for Folklore Category. I was really bemused and proud with Seven Togatorop and his bravery taking a decision to join this competition because if he didn’t take the chance, we wouldn’t had this awesome experience with us.

What a tantalizing moment and another great first i had.

Senior year, I got elected for being a leader of UMB Choir. This moment was a weird one for me. With a little experience that i had, i got my friend’s back and help. They were all so nice and always support me no matter what (especially thanks to Jason, Mikael, Fyman Gde, Amillio, Reza, Meyda, Princess, Putri and Puput for always beside me.) In my period, we took a Bali International Choir Competition for our gig. And we got the 1st silver medal for female category (another pleasant first) and Gold Medal for Folklore Category.

The whole Choir experience has been like a whirlwind, and when you’re in the middle of it it’s so hard to process it properly. Everything is going so fast and full-on. But it was such a pleasure I had and I didn’t regret any single moment when i am at UMB Choir.

Thank you for the whole experience. I just want to say that you had to feel blessed you are belong to UMB Choir, every each of you have your own part. So for sure, if you give a lot to the organization, you will receive so much more back. Don’t quit when you fail, endure and persist to make it work better!

Much love,

Sarrah “Macuawe” Fatiyya Fany


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